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Did You Know? Coca-Cola Is The First Soft Drink On Space

Globally loved soft drink, Coca-Cola became the first soft-drink on space in 1985 when it was drunk by astronauts.

This was made possible due to the deal Coca-Cola company had with NASA to allow astronauts that were going into space test their new Coke can, which had zero gravity on a shuttle flight.

At this time packaged carbonated drinks were not allowed to space due to the fact that there was no suitable container that would be able to dispense drink in space from the change in gravitational level.

This innovative coke can specially designed for compatibility with the space atmosphere cost about $250,000 to make and used a special nozzle and valve switch at the top of the 12-ounce coke can to dispense the drink.
That same year due to the obvious competition between the two biggest soft drink companies Coca-cola and Pepsi. Pepsi also developed a special Pepsi container and struck a deal or it to be present in the 1985 tip to space. The Pepsi specially design space can cost the company about $14 million to develop.

The 1985 trip to space became an historic one as NASA opened up to drink company interested in taking their drinks to space once it meets the required space standard. Coca-cola and Pepsi were the only drinks in space that year but coca-cola was the first drink the astronaut drank in space shortly after the astronauts also took a gulp of the Pepsi drink.

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