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Darrell Kelly Raises The Bar For Academics, Graduates With Two Degrees In One Day

On May 12, 2018, Darrell Kelly did an unusual thing which is a great encouragement for students. He graduated with two degrees from two universities on the same day.

The 24-year-old native of Cincinnati graduated with a law degree from the University Of Cincinnati College of Law and an MBA from Xavier University.

This, however, did not come as much of a surprise for those who watched the young man grow up. He always had been ab excellent student and also an avid sportsman, competing in football, basketball, and soccer.

He left to attend Howard University after graduating from high school at 16, saying: “It (was) time for me to stand and leave the nest… She’s instilled me with all these tools and has guided me for so long.”

It was while at Howard that Kelly first learned of a unique program that would allow him to earn both his MBA and a law degree simultaneously. His search led him to The University of Cincinnati and Xavier University who hosted a similar program. He then decided to return home to avail himself of the opportunity.
This feat is made all the more epic in view of the fact that Kelly completed these two demanding curricula while working two-part time jobs: one as a legal extern and the other as a graduate assistant at Xavier. In addition to this, he attended both his graduations even though they both held on the same day; he made sure he got the full experience.
As the youngest child in a single-parent home, Kelly credits much of his success to the support and love provided to him over the years from his mom, Lisa Kelly.

“I was born to five generations of love, and I passed that on to them,” said Lisa. “If he’s tall, it’s because he’s standing on tall shoulders. He’s big because of the village, because of the friendships. He grew up with love.”
Kelly’s accomplishments are indicative of the value that his whole family has always placed on education. His mother and all of her siblings all attended college, his grandmother, at the age of 73, completed her bachelor’s degree and his older sister, Jazmone, is currently in medical school.

Congratulations, Darrell!

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