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Danielle Geathers Makes History As MIT’s First Elected Black Female Students’ Association President

In the 159-year history of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UnitedStates, a black woman has been elected as the President of the Undergraduate Association for the first time and this phenomenal woman is Danielle Geathers.

Danielle and her running mate Yu Jing Chen won the student government election earlier in May 2020.

According to CNN, Geathers just finished her sophomore year at MIT and is majoring in mechanical engineering. She served as the diversity officer in 2019.

Danielle Geathers

“In terms of coming from that diversity space and being focused on promoting equity across MIT, it would kind of be important to have someone in the President’s role who’s focused on that,” she told the American media outfit.

She disclosed her plans to use her platform to make the school as inclusive as possible.

“Although some people think it is just a figurehead role, figureheads can matter in terms of people seeing themselves in terms of representation,” Geathers said.

“Seeing yourself at a college is kind of an important part of the admissions process.”

According to the school, about six percent of undergraduates at MIT are black and 47 percent are women.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MIT students had to leave campus in March so Geathers campaigned online and through social media from her home in Miami, Florida. Students voted online.

Hailing the power of the social media, she said that a lot of the work of the student government takes place in meetings with administrators, so she hopes to make the group more visible on campus.

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