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Content Marketing For Your Brand: Dos and Don’ts

Just like everything in life, there are rules guiding them. Not following these rules does not mean they do not exist. When it comes to content marketing for your brand, there are Dos and Donts.

In today’s world of marketing, the benefit of content cannot be overemphasised. Having to create content for marketing purposes can be tricky sometimes as one minute you are writing to sell and the next minute people are refusing to buy even when the content style has not changed.

So, just like every part of your business, attention should be paid to this very important aspect as it is sometimes the first contact our prospective client has with you and this would influence their decision on whether or not they should buy.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the act of using contents which can be visual, audio-visual, or even text to sell your products and services.

Why is content marketing important? Content marketing is important because it positions you properly before your clients.

Many companies have employees this top of content marketing and t has worked for them greatly.

In 1963, Procter and Gamble(P&G) utilised a drama series to promote their detergent, need we tell you that the product sold because people especially older women connected with the content of that ad and stayed loyal to the product. There are other examples like this.

For clarity’s sake, we would be diving this article into two parts: The DOs and the DON’Ts

The DOs:

  1. Have A Goal: Before starting out, you need to have a goal. A goal-driven content marketing would yield results, let you know what you are doing right or wrong and also allows you monitor results. This way, you can tell if a particular style is working for the brand or not.
  1. Focus on your customers/clients: In whatever you do, NEVER forget that your focus is on your customers. Create content that resonates largely with your audience. Connect with them through your contents. 

Never make content that revolves around your personality, create customer-focused contents ONLY. Most brands ask how do I know the kind of content that resonates with my customers? Well, ask them Run polls/surveys from time to time, engage your customers on various levels and take feedback often.

  1. Have a content marketing strategy: You do not want to create contents headlessly. Build a strategy and stick to it. A content strategy is a guiding point for your contents. Have it.

    The DON’Ts:

  1. Do not neglect SEO: Never neglect search engine optimization for your contents. Ensure your contents are optimised for search engines.
  1. Do not neglect analytics: Analytics help you measure whether or not you are still in line with your goals. Measure your progress. Keep an eye on your analytics so as to know what strategies are working. 
  1. Do not SELL hard: There is a reason why it is CONTENT MARKETING. Your contents should not be focused on selling. Your contents should educate, inspire, be fun, etc. but selling subtly on some occasions. The use of harsh and assertive tones may not be appropriate as customers should develop a “like” for the product before making a purchase; this way they have better information on their purchase and are even likely to love it more.

Conclusively, your content should aim at selling your products or service without selling it. Incorporate the dos and discard the dont’s and watch your sales progress.

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Written by Faith Paulinus

A Content Writer. Law Graduate. Social Media Manager.

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