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Congolese Youths Can Now Learn Driving Skills Online Through Phenix Auto

Its no news that African educational system doesn’t give much importance to learning skills such as driving which is needed to secure certain jobs after graduating from school,this led  Loic Ngono who has once had challenges in  getting driving skills and license in Kinshasha thought of a way to solve this problem, the solution he arrived at  is an online driving skills platform for congolese students.

Through the Phenix Auto platform he created, everyone willing to learn driving will log into ,fill the registration form and get connected to the online driving skills platform.

The online driving class is described by many Congolese student as helping them to acquire necessary driving skills at the comfort of their homes.

In order to make the platform achieve full effectiveness, Loic is in partnership with driving schools who help to provide practical trainings to the students after completing the theoretical part of the course online.

With poor road safety management in Africa, many able-bodied men have lost their lives in accidents caused my poorly trained driver and bad road safety management system, the entrepreneurial innovation created by Loic Ngono was applauded by the Congolese Director of Land Transport, Mr Steve Malcolm Mpan as a laudable way to improve the quality of driving schools in the country, and also explained that his directorate is making efforts to check the quality of driving schools using the data from reported cases of accident

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