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Christian Ngan Is Adding Value To Cameroonian Cosmetics Industry

Christian Ngan is the founder and CEO of Madlyn Cazalis, a Cameroon-based cosmetics company that manufactures natural lotions, oils, creams, scrubs, masks and soaps made for African skin.

The company has a footprint in more than 50 chemist stores, beauty institutes and retail outlets in Central Africa. It also distributes its own products.

Madlyn Cazalis was founded to prevent young Africans from dangers of bleaching their skins, by encouraging natural well-adapted products. Now, the company has more than 20 references and more than 60 retail outlets in Africa.

Madlyn Cazalis’ main goal is to launch various investment projects in Africa, to raise consciousness, and make Africans proud of their identity by creating quality-African-owned products.

Mr. Ngan holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from EM Lyon Business School, a Master’s degree in International Affairs, a Master’s degree in Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, a degree in Economics from University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, a Certificate from French Trade Advisors and an Honorary Diploma delivered by Catholic University of Central Africa to Madlyn Cazalis for promoting youth business initiatives in Africa.

Ngan is one of “The 10 most promising Start-ups in Africa. He has won several awards which include Titans Building Nations Award for Best SME CEO, 2014; nominated Young Business Leader of The Year West Africa by CNBC Africa, 2014; Total Startupper of the Year Challenge, 2016 amongst others.

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