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Chido Govera Is Transforming Lives In Rural Africa By Growing Mushrooms

Chido Govera is a successful Zimbabwean farmer, campaigner, and an educator who is changing the lives of millions of Africans through mushroom farming. Interestingly, her name, Chido, means ‘passion.’ which truly reflects in her own foundation, The Future of Hope.

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Using her foundation, she has successfully trained 1,000 people on mushroom farming in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, and Cameroon.

Her efforts have also benefitted communities beyond Africa, such as India, Australia Aboriginals, Europe, and the United States. Growing up as an orphan, she had to fend for herself when she was only 7 years of age and later was abused by a close family member when she was 8 years old. Because of her devastating experience, she promised to protect the rights of all orphans when she grew up.

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At the age of 11, she was elected one of 15 orphans to participate in a fungiculture project financed by ZERI Foundation and realized by the Africa University in Mutare. She knew only poverty and hunger in her life.

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Chido understood this opportunity as a possibility to give the future of her community. She was even able to pay the fees and send her brother and other orphans to school. Chido decided to continue working with mushrooms in order to be able to simplify the process and therefore reach more people.

In 2009, Chido was awarded the „Sustainability Award“ by the „Specialty Coffee Association of America“ for her sustainable project of reusing organic waste from the coffee industry to cultivate mushrooms.


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