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Celebrating A True Prophet Who Believes With Christ One Can Achieve Great Success

Finding an individual who believes in emulating the characteristics and living the laid down  example of Christ as a means of attaining true success is a trait worthy of applaud.

Prophet Samson Abiodun Korode is one of such individuals who has since devoted himself to a life of service to teach people the true way to achieving success which is by constant fellowship with God.

Having groomed himself through constant fellowship and persistent service,Prophet Korode,is a highly revered man who once nursed the dream of becoming a footballer but is now the General Overseer of Cherubim and Seraphim,Covenant of Peace and Grace located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Prophet Samson Abiodun Korode
Prophet Samson Abiodun Korode

His Brief History
Born way past the usual gestation period of nine months, Prophet Abiodun was made to face several sicknesses and challenges as a child.

With sickness and tribulations trailing in his wake through out his childhood, coupled with an upright Christian background, he grew up staying steadfast in his belief in God, making constant prayers his everyday companion.

In obedience to the prior instruction from God for the  healing of his long time sickness,  he relocated to Lagos, a place he hated due to the large difference in lifestyle and perpetuation of amoral acts.
While in Lagos he focused on his football career which he believed would make him successful. But after he got qualified to join the state team at a particular period,God gave him the options to choose between his football career and the Holy Bible. Due to his background and grooming he chose the word of God and give up on his football dream, on doing this God assured him he would achieve success in his new path as well.

Despite mockeries and denials from friends who resisted greatly to his chosen path, having led to a wasted opportunity to go to the Governor’s office, on his nomination to join the state football team, he forged on doggedly, believing strongly that God was on his side.

Prophet Samson Abiodun Korode Preaching On His Altar
Prophet Samson Abiodun Korode Preaching In His Church

He was led by God to start his own ministry, an action which he resisted but later conceded to, following a disgrace of his person on the 8th of May 2011 in his former church just as he requested from God as a sign to push him to start what God truly wants.

Prophet Korode With His Wife At The Surprise Birthday Party
Prophet Korode With His Wife, Prophetess Elizabeth

From a small apartment which served as both his personal space and an auditorium where he conducted services, with full support from his wife, Prophetess Elizabeth Olanike Korode, his ministry grew gradually and now has branch beyond the confines of Nigeria, a fulfilment of an earlier promise by God during since the ministry’s inception.

A scene at the surprise birthday party throw by his youth ministry
A scene at the surprise birthday party thrown by his youth ministry

To conclude the speech he gave at a surprise birthday celebration thrown by his youth ministry, on Sunday, 31st of December, Prophet Abiodun urged the youths to emulate the laid down life example of Jesus during his brief stay on earth.

Picture from his surprise birthday
Picture from his surprise birthday

He went further to state that like Jesus, we should pray ceaselessly and inculcate patience, humility and endurance in our everyday interaction with others.

The Youth Ministry
Some of the  youths that planned his surprise birthday

He ended the lecture by advising youths to remain patient and look up to God at all times,maintaining a genuine relationship with God which ultimately attracts all the good things in life and more, and also to remain in total obedience to their earthly parents.

We Celebrate You Sir!!!

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