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Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

If there’s one place you can’t afford to be in life, it is the comfort zone. It’s the one place where you get to see life pass you by. It’s the one place you get to see your dreams become mere wishes.

You may be asking “What makes the comfort zone a bad place?” Well, the comfort zone can be likened to a double-edged sword. Just as the comfort zone is a place of comfort and security, it’s these two factors that also make it a deadly place to be for entrepreneurs and youths.

Therefore, you need to break free from your comfort zone as soon as possible. Otherwise, staying there longer than necessary will cost you more than you bargained for.

Steps To Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

#1. Study and learn about the things you need to do to achieve your dreams/goals.

This is the first step to take because the more educated and informed you are about your goals, the less scarier it will be. By doing this, you’ll be able to challenge your fears and anxiety.

#2. Come up with a plan

Once you have studied and understood the things you need to do, the next thing is to come up with a plan. This plan will contain a detailed course of actions for you to follow to achieve your goals. Always start with the simple goals first and build up to the harder ones.

Also, it is recommended you make a separate list of the challenges you may have to overcome.

#3. Hold yourself accountable

By holding yourself accountable, this gives you the motivation you need to succeed. It gives that push to avoid defeat and keep fighting on.

#4. Pace yourself

When coming out of your comfort zone, you need to do it gradually. This is where you plan comes into effect. By mapping out the things you need to do, from smaller to the harder ones, it becomes easier to do.

#5. Be positive

Keep calm and positive as you tick off the little accomplishments in your plan. Doing this will help you keep track of your success and build momentum to greater tasks. Although there may be a few negative experiences, the trick is to remain positive.

#6. Keep pushing the boundary

While you may achieved your goal, you need to keep pushing the boundaries. Find a new challenge and plan how to over come it and overcome it.


Whatever your dreams and ambitions are, you won’t achieve them while in your comfort zone. You need to come out and breathe. Feel the breeze against your skin and open your mind. Think outside the box and find new ways of doing things.

Never settle for less but instead, keep positive while challenging yourself to become better.

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