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Black-Owned Tech Firm Awarded Patent For Smartwatch That Detect Glucose, Pathogen And Covid-19 Variant

Black-owned tech firm Better Life Technologies Group, Inc. has been awarded a patent for manufacturing a smartwatch used to detect glucose and pathogens, including COVID-19 and any variant in the human body system.

The device will also detect the specific signature of any chemical composition in the human body like cancer, magnesium, calcium, hormonal levels. This will be done through the firm’s newly developed proprietary method of detecting gases as they are emitted from the epidermal layer of the skin.

George McKinney the founder and CEO of Better Life said “we are pivoting to allow outside IP firms to participate in this revolutionary technology.”

“The main goal of this transition is to develop the market-ready version of our technology which we believe could seriously curb the spread of COVID. This version will be fully miniaturized and contain all the necessary wireless communication capabilities,” he added.

Better Life is ready to manufacture, sell, or partner with an IP firm to positively impact the healthcare system throughout the world.

The company plans to obtain FDA approval and all the necessary certifications and would also like to market a version of its technology that does not require FDA approval.

Better Life’s device will be a good development for people who fear needles at doctor’s appointments, and the elderly who have problems finding veins

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