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Hello World!  Its a lovely Wednesday ! Temmy Balogun’s blog brings to you a vibrant and talented man who knows his unions well when it comes to movie business. He  stands out among pool of talents in the Nigerian movie industry due to his creative and unique works.

Bayo Alawiye is an actor and one of the top movie producers and directors that have maintained high standard in the Nigerian movie industry for over a decade. He has also featured in different award-winning movies.For years he has been the official producer and director of the popularly known talent hunt show, Project Fame West Africa.

In this insightful interview he talked about strategies,challenges and ethics that has helped him stand out in the movie industry. With this piece,you will sure learn a thing or two whether you’re in the movie industry or not.

Take a break from the day’s work,relax and read along.


Glad to have you here Mr Bayo Alawiye, for a long time now your name has depict uniqueness in the movie industry, if you weren’t into movies, what else would you have done?

Thanks. I probably would have been a footballer. Realistically I wanted so badly to be a medical doctor in my earlier school days.

Share with us a bit about your ethnicity, education, family and location….

Of course I am a Yoruba boy from Abeokuta, Ogun state. I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan. I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

You’re known for your outstanding roles as an actor, creative works as a producer and a director, how did it all began?

As I said, I studied Theatre Arts, so it started from there. I produced a movie the moment I finished my NYSC and that introduced me into the industry. Got a directing job on MNET’s and Royal Roots’ Edge of Paradise and more jobs started coming my way.

What stimulated the birth of Vision Eight Media? What are the services your outfit render?
Vision Eight Media is simply a television/film production company. We produce mainly drama/film for tv and cinema.

Have known you to be an A-list actor and producer/director in the Nigerian movie industry for over a decade now, what strategy (ies) have you being employing to keep that standard for so long?

Not sure of the A-list part but I can say I put my best forward every time I have the opportunity to interpret any creative piece. God’s grace covers the rest.
What is your competitive edge; factors that stand your works out from others?
Simplicity stands me out. I don’t believe in giving too much. Give what is required especially as an actor. As a director, it’s some gift I can’t explain. It comes only from God.
How frequent do you update your knowledge in things related to your profession?

Every new project presents an opportunity to learn new things. You meet new people, new talents. I also see other peoples’ works as regularly as I could. For me learning is a continues process.

To what extent do you hold creativity and originality in your works?

Both are the basis of my works. The pivot of everything.

Is innovation playing an important role in your longtime success in the movie industry?

Well, all I can say is one has to cultivate the habit of continuous improvement to stay competitive and relevant. Yes it important to be innovative, more so because it is a creative industry.


What are the challenges you often face in the industry? How do you manage them?
The major challenge we face is infrastructure and funding. The Nigerian spirit in us is what is making us survive. We’ll get to the Promised Land soon.

Have there being any time your professionalism was questioned? How did you handle the situation?


What keeps you going in the face of challenges? What do you love most about your profession?
I know where I am headed so I keep my focus. Then I try to help as much people as I can even during challenges. I love the freedom attached to my profession. There is hardly a wrong or right, it’s a matter of perspective.

What’s your typical day like?

Office, cinema and home when am not on location or studio.

What is it like to combine movie production with the responsibilities of an entrepreneur?

Yes it is not an easy task but I am learning on the job.

Would you say you have successfully oversee the management of your outfit so far or do you have someone doing that for you?

Managing a production company is a collaborative task, so I depend on a lot of people to make it work. I majorly supervise.
You’ve being the producer/director of the popular talent hunt show, MTN Project Fame for years now, how has the experience being over the years? Does your experience in the show add to your professionalism in any way?
Those two projects are some sort of blessing to me. The shows skyrocketed me to a level it took some several years to attain. Glory is to God. The experience has been splendid. It made me an all round director. One of the few in these parts I can boldly say.
Another edition of the talent hunt show is fast approaching, and am sure you have lots of other projects on ground, how would you to prevent them from clashing?

For me, it’s a project at time. It’s time for Project Fame West Africa.

Mention 3 of the business ethics you operate with? Which are your top 3 projects so far? Why?


My top projects are; Project Fame, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Darkside.

Which other producer(s)/director(s) do you define their works as outstanding in the movie industry?
Of course Kunle Afolayan comes to mind without even thinking , and a host of others. The truth is new talents are coming up and I am so excited about that.

Any role model/mentor(s)

Mel Gibson and Ben Affleck

How do you relax?

I visit the cinema a lot.

Your advice to upcoming actors/producers/directors… What are the things they should put into consideration before starting?

Get proper training!

Your advice to the youths..

It’s your time, don’t let it go!

Thanks for sharing with us Mr Bayo Alawiye

You can connect with Mr Bayo Alawiye on;

Instagram- @alawibay

Twitter-      @alawibay

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