Autistic Girl Graduates College Against All Odds

Victory, no matter how small, should always be celebrated. This is more so when you’re one of those who start their journey in life with one handicap or the other.

Today, we are joining Leanne in celebrating her autistic sister who just graduated from college.

Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. It most often makes those who have it come across as anti-social. Though it isn’t their fault, people usually treat them with hostility, disrespect and like they are stupid.


Do read Leanne’s story:

“Today, my sister with severe autism, graduated from high school. People constantly said because she can’t talk she wouldn’t be able to, but we learn something new about her everyday and she continues to teach us anything is possible. Congratulations C/O 2k18! Anything is possible.” -Leanne (proud sister)”. 

Daily, we go through challenges. Every day, some of us, like Leanne’s sister, start the race from a little farther back than others. So, when they finish the race, when they get to the finish line, they should and deserve to be celebrated. More erhn others because they beat the odds, as badly stacked against them as it was. They are the real MVPs and we stan for them.

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