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Attih Ekpenyong- A Rising Music Star

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I am always delighted to publish articles about  youths thriving to make the best out of their passions . Today i am sharing a very inspirational interview that i had with a  talented R&B/Soul Musician, and Song Writer  ….To him ‘ Music means everything.’ When i first heard him freestyle ,i couldn’t help but to ‘drop cap’,he is good! I am good with music myself,so when i tell you Attih is good..Just believe it

Take a chill pill and read his inspiring interview. At the end, do let us know what you think. Enjoy!



Welcome to Temmy Balogun’s Blog ‎, Tell me about Attih Ekpenyong (Family,Ethnicity and Education)

Attih Ekpenyong is  the 3rd child, in a family of 4 children, from Odukpani Local Government Area in Cross River State (Efik by tribe), Graduate of Biochemistry, from University of Calabar.

What is Music to you? What genre(s) do u sing? 

Music means everything to me. I can’t go a day, without doing something musical. As for the genre of music I sing, Its basically Rnb/Soul, but I’m trying to infuse an African feel to my songs, just so the African community can relate with my kind of music.


Attih on Nigerian Idol Stage

Apart from music what do you do? As said earlier you studied Biochemistry and presently building a career in music, is this a form of  versatility?

 Talking about versatility, I’d say I’m very versatile because i presently work as a Human Resources Consultant, while I studied Biochemistry. This is because in the society of today, one needs versatility, to succeed.

Do you write songs? What inspires you to write?

Yes, I do write songs. My greatest inspiration for song writing is Emotions. I write based on what I feel. Most of my songs have stories. I do imaginative writing too, but when I do that, I still try make myself emotional,  so I can relate to the song too.

Tell us about your musical career journey…Any Award so far?

My musical journey hasn’t been without challenges. In fact, I’ve had more challenges than conquests, but I don’t give up, because music is something I love and when I love something, I keep fighting for it, till I get it. I’ve been on quite a number of Talent shows and it has been amazing.

I remember being a finalist on Voice of Cross River, the same talent show that had Bee-bee Bassey of Nigerian Idol. This was the first talent show I participated in and the experience was wonderful. I’ve had some amazing musical gigs, I do a lot of karaoke and I’m very popular in Karaoke bars, both in Calabar and Abuja. I’ve also been able to build a little but strong musical fan-base both from the karaoke and the musical gigs I get. As for awards, I’d say no distinct one yet, but I believe I’d get one soon.


Nigerian Idol’s Top 100 Contestants

I am aware you were part of the Top 100 contestants ‎chosen by Nigerian Idol in the just concluded season , briefly tell us about your experience during the talent show.

Each time I remember Nigerian Idol, I have mixed feelings. The first being excitement, because I met a lot of amazing talent there and hearing different singing styles, voice types and various approaches to singing, really broadened my musical horizon and I learnt a lot. I had a lot of fun though, because my room was always like a choir room. My roommate had a guitar and once we started playing and singing, contestants would leave their rooms to come join us. The second feeling has to be sadness, because I left the show quite early. I honestly think I had lots more to offer on the show. I can’t really blame the judges though, because the place was filled with amazing talents and someone had to go home.

What distinctive feature(s) do you possess that gave you an edge to be chosen? Because to me, its a wonderful milestone….

Well, I have a powerful voice, good control and an amazing vocal range for a guy and Darey  also said I looked good on camera, so I believe that was why I was chosen (Please don’t say I’m bragging).

How has Nigerian Idol reshaped your thinking ‎about Music? Any positive impact?

Nigerian idol has really readjusted my approach towards music. Truth is, you can’t be in the same house with 99 other talented singers and not learn. As much as I didn’t stay very long on the show, I was able to learn a lot and I can tell you that I’m a better singer than I was before.


The increasing number of artistes in the music industry ‎is quite alarming, as a rising star how do you plan to stand out?

By creating an identity and a brand for myself. Like you said, the industry is saturated with talent, but Nigeria, Africa and the world, would gladly welcome a brand they’ve not seen or heard before. So I’d say “Uniqueness” is my key to standing out.

What effect will your present job as a Human Resources Consultant have on your growing pace in the music industry?

Well, I would say it has slowed me down a bit, because I work all through the week and as a result, it affects the time I have for music. I honestly can’t leave my job for music at the moment, because all the logistics I need to start a massive music career aren’t in place yet. That doesn’t mean I don’t love music more than my job though. It’s just that music is the passion, but the job pays the bills………. at least for now.

Any role model (s)? ‎ What do your fans say about you music? Represent the message you pass with your songs in one word…

My fans love when i sing, but since I haven’t dropped a single yet, nothing serious can be said about my music, but when I do, I believe the feedback is going to be positive. Yes, there are role models. My greatest musical idol is Neyo. My music has also been influenced by the likes of Boyz2Men, John Legend and Mariah Carey, for the foreign scene. In Nigeria, I’m inspired by Timi Dakolo, Cobhams Asuquo and Praiz Adejo. They’ve all played significant roles in my musical orientation. The message I pass with my songs is “LOVE”.

Do you have uploaded video on Youtube?

Yes, I have videos on Youtube as Attih Ekpenyong. They are mostly from indoor and karaoke clips.

In the next 5 years, what position do you see yourself in the music industry?

I see myself not only as an award winning musical icon, but an inspiration to many upcoming talents, as well.

What are the shortcomings you’ve perceived in the music industry?

My perception of the music industry is rather critical. Most of the stars of today are setting a bad example for the upcoming artistes. Not all songs should be about women’s body parts, glorification of narcotics and showing off all you’ve got. A lot of negative messages are being sent via music and as a result, the upcoming artistes want to be famous with  music, just to make money to attract exotic ladies, spend on champagne and hard drugs (they call it the good life). Music should have a message. Music is a universal language, so in spite of our different languages, religious beliefs and culture, all mankind is united by Music. Hence, music is a very powerful tool and should be used in the right way. We may not be able to help the whole world, but we can do a lot, by giving them music that has a positive impact on their lives.

Your advice to rising stars like you‎…

Keep working on yourself, keep learning, keep pushing and never give up

Inspire youths in one sentence…

The way to the top has never been easy, but it will worth it in the end.

Many Thanks for sharing with us, Attih.

You can connect with Attih;

Facebook: Attih Hesky Ekpenyong  Facebook Official Music Page: “Official_Attih” (Hit Like)

Youtube: Attih Ekpenyong

Instagram: @hesky__13




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