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Annie Paul Is First Black Woman To Lead Canadian National Political Party

Toronto lawyer Annie Paul on Saturday was named as the head of the Green party making her the first black woman to lead a national political party in Canada.

Ms Paul won in the eighth round of voting by 2,000 votes, defeating Dimitri Lascaris, a Montreal lawyer who billed himself as an “eco-socialist,” as well as Glen Murray, a former Liberal Ontario cabinet minister who finished fourth.

The Swedish woman and mother of two Annie Paul succeds Elizabeth May, who led the greens for 13 years before stepping at the end of 2019 following a federal election where her party own only three seats in the house of common.

“Colonialism has robbed me on my original identity” Paul made this statement saying she was ready to support Indigenous people in particular toward their fight against systematic racism within the police.

Annie Paul

“We have done something that has never been done before in Canadian politics” the Jewish leader who has been reported being the victim of an anti-semtic attacks on social media added this in her speech.

Paul also made it known that under her leadership the party would have two priorities building a social security net for all Canadians and tackling “the existential crises of our time, which is the climate emergency”

As she prepares for her next challenge winning a seat in Parliament to join the three other Green MPs, she reflected on a phrase that she learned from her husband, who works with countries transitioning out of civil war. She recalls discussing how to know if the current protests and rallies for equality would actually lead to real change.

“He said, it’s when you turn that opposition into proposition,” she explained. “And so, in my case, that’s where politicians come in.”

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