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…And Cushi Came: Uncovering Hidden Historical Truths About Blacks In The Bible

Christianity became popular because of Western Civilization. Upon getting to Africa, the majority of the Africans who chose to follow the religion did so without an iota of imagination that the race they belong was a part of the history they’re being taught about. Through the book …And Cushi Came Dr. Dayo Brown has enlightened blacks about their impact in the propagation of the gospel from the past till present.

Over the years, the Cushites (Blacks) have grown in strength, number, and wisdom, so much so that they now dig deep to unmask facts that were mostly ignored – for reasons best known to the Westerners – while the teachings were brought to the African continent.

According to the Bible, Cush or Kush (Ethiopia) is the eldest son of Ham, a son of Noah. He was the brother of Canaan (land of Canaan), Mizraim (Egypt) and Phut (Libya), and the father Nimrod. His son Nimrod is referred to as the first great man on earth. A king who rebelled against God and led his people to build the famous Tower of Babel.

According to ancient records and history, Cush is widely regarded as the ancestor of the people of the “land of Cush,” an ancient territory that is believed to have been located on either side or both sides of the Red Sea.

The word Cushi or Kushi is generally used in the Hebrew Bible to refer to a dark-skinned person of African descent. It is derived from the word, Cush.

In the earliest days of the Israeli Hebrew, the term Cushi was the appropriate word used to describe a dark-skinned or red-haired person.

These and many are well broken down with scriptures in US-based Nigerian born author, Dr. Dayo Brown’s book – “And Cushi Came: A Biblical exposition on the Power, Purpose and Prophetic place of the Black Man.” 

Dr. Dayo Brown is a respected academic and ministerial visionary. A mentor and a source of inspiration to countless souls across Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. For many years, he taught Non-Ruminant Animal Nutrition at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

Dr. Brown is a founding member of the International Communion of Ministers (ICM). He is also a member of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy (PCC) USA where he serves on the Advisory Board as International Director.

Through the book, Dr. Brown x-rays the position of the black race in God’s plan for humanity. The book sheds light on the identity of the black race – oftentimes neglected – from the scriptural perspective.

In this book, Dr. Brown clearly states that “historical facts have become available over the years attesting to the fact that God is not a racist; and also that the people of Africa, her nations and cultures have always made significant contributions to the development of the world and Christianity.”

He identifies Cushi as a black soldier in King David’s army. Cushi was saddled with the responsibility of informing King David that his son, Absalom had been killed, however, another officer, Ahimaaz – expecting to receive the king’s commendation – went before Cushi to deliver the sad news to the King, unfortunately, to his own detriment, as he was executed for being the precursor of the evil report. As a result, Cushi was spared by the king when he brought the same message to the notice of King David.

Dr. Brown holds a strong belief that it is the turn of the black man to present God’s message of salvation to the world. One of his quotes reads: “I believe with every fiber of my being that the Spirit of God is signaling that it is Cusshi’s turn to run in these end times…God is looking to the Cushites to run with the message of the gospel at the close of this age.”

The 113 paged book comes in attractive black cover design and features a preponderance of sermonic discourse crammed into 9 chapters. It also contains blurbs from frontline preachers across the globe as well as cited materials that augment the available information. Dr. Brown presents each chapter with copious references to the Holy Bible.

Beyond the Bible, Dr. Brown mentioned Martin Luther as the first Evangelical Tool of the Cushi race God used to perform necessary reforms in Europe.

This book provides answers to recurring questions and myths by blacks about the Bible and historical biblical figures. A copy is N2000 in Nigeria.

To get a copy of this book within Nigeria call, or send a Whatsapp message to  08081553042. or order on Amazon if you are outside Nigeria,

Buyers in Nigeria can pick up at their office in Maryland, Lagos, or get it delivered to their preferred location.

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