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How Zambian Doctor Tamara Kaunda Swapped Her Medical Job For Agriculture

Dr Tamara Kaunda, a medical doctor who studied in China, made a fairly dramatic career change when she switched from medicine to the farming of seedlings.

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What could have made young Tamara Kaunda to swap her career?

Tamara says she made the decision on her first day at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). “It didn’t look like a place where a patient could recover. I wondered what good I could do there, when people could not afford decent food, let alone drugs.” she said.

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“I realised that agriculture had really improved the quality of our lives when we were growing up. We farmed and my mother traded and sold the produce. Farming gave us our living, put food on the family table and paid our school fees,” Tamara added

With a strong sense of how farming could serve families and grow their financial strength, she found it easier to put her medical internship on hold and go into agriculture.

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Tamara is now the co-founder and CEO of Billionaire Farmer Agric Solutions, a vegetable seedling company in Lusaka’s Silverest Estate. Tamara is creating credible evidence of farming as a viable option that can uplift the lives of many Zambians. Her motto is: “We can farm Zambia out of poverty.”

She addressing the effect of farming on his fellow Zambian youth, she said “I don’t think preaching the message would have had much impact. Farming like this sends a powerful signal to young fellow Zambians who think an improved life revolves around having a job. It simply is not true. In fact most wealthy Zambians are actually running their own farms.”

Now is the best time to join the farming sector, where the future is promising for young people with some drive and a willingness to learn.


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