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Amazing! This Ghanaian Artist Draws His Inspiration From Elderly People

Truly there are several individuals doing great works in the artistry field, but Ghana’a Kwesi Botchway has decided to stand himself out by focusing his works of the elderly people , with his latest model being Sarah Labi, a 90-year-old retired teacher.
The 24 year old has been working on a series of paintings called “Age of no return,” for about two years and they have already been featured in exhibitions in the United States, South Africa and parts of Europe.

Kwesi Botchway
Kwesi Botchway

How It All Started 

Botchway started drawing while still at school. What seemed like a distraction from books at the time, turned out to be a talent that developed when he went to art school.
“It all started when I was in primary, I used to sketch a lot, like I don’t focus on reading much. I used to sketch a lot like, I feel like I was having a lot of love for drawing. So when going to school I used sketch my teacher while she was teaching, everytime she would be like Kwesi, you don’t learn, so she felt that the love for art was so much for me, so after my GHS, she was like, I have to go to an art school,” he said.

Kwesi Botchway's work
Kwesi Botchway’s work

Botchway grew up in Nima, a slum in Accra where he drew inspiration for his earlier works. He has done a series on the physically disabled and vulnerable children.
He says the focus on the old age is hopeful and an appreciation of their wisdom and contribution to society, which is often taken for granted.
“Well, I had the idea of “Age of No Return” series whilst living with my family because I grew up in a very big compound house where I saw a lot of old people and also with a lot of young generation.


Well, I have seen young people throwing insults to the older people and not giving them the much respect that they needed which for me I think they should be our role models. These should be people that we should look up to, these should be people we should learn so much from, because they have lived life with experience,” he said.
Kwesi Botchway also specializes in portraits  that’s the facial part is the body  particularly the eyes bring him so close to his subject that he can relay their emotions on canvas.
We Celebrate Kwesi Botchway’s Unique Artistry Work
Source: Africanews

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