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Amazing! At 21 Nigerian Medical Doctor Elizabeth Akintelu Got Inducted Into Nigerian Medical Council

The medical profession has been held in high esteem for years in Nigeria and this great milestone attained by Elizabeth Akintelu has only enhanced the field’s esteem.

We are very happy to celebrate Akintelu Elizabeth Abiola, a Nigerian born medical doctor who got inducted into the Nigerian medical and dental council at just age 21, becoming one of the country’s youngest medical doctors.

Dr Elizabeth Akintelu
Dr Elizabeth Akintelu

Born in Lagos, Akintelu moved to Sudan,Khartoum where she furthered her studies and got accepted into Ahfad, one of the prestigious universities in Sudan.

Despite the language barrier and the not so friendly weather, she forged on through sheer will, refusing to be deterred in her goal and later graduated from the afore mentioned university in April 2016 as a medical doctor.

In November 8, 2016, she got inducted into the Medical and Dental council of Nigeria at the young age of 21, becoming one of the country’s youngest medical doctor.

She became a quick online sensation after her announcement on her personal twitter page, a post which immediately went viral, catching the attention of Nigerians both at home and in diaspora.

In an interview, she spoke of her strict reading policies and how maintaining a perfect balance between her academics and social life helped ease her journey to success.

She went further to urge those who wants to pursue a career in medicine to stay happy and focus on the beautiful things in life and also to strive to better understand the human nature as a whole.

Well Done Elizabeth! The Sky Is Your Starting Point!

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