All You Need To Know About Liz Truss; UK’s New Prime Minister

Following her victory in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party, Liz Truss will take office Today-Tuesday, September 6, 2022 as the UK’s next prime minister.
Mary Elizabeth Truss is a British politician who was born on July 26, 1975. Since 2021, she has held the positions of Minister for Women and Equalities and Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs. Truss, a member of the Conservative Party, has served as the South West Norfolk MP since 2010. Under Prime Ministers Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and David Cameron, she held a number of Cabinet positions.

Truss was president of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats and a student at Oxford’s Merton College. She received her degree in 1996 and joined the Conservative Party. She was the deputy director of the Reform think tank as well as a former employee of Shell and Cable & Wireless. In the general election of 2010, Truss won the South West Norfolk district. She advocated for change as a backbencher in a number of policy areas, including childcare, mathematics instruction, and the economy. She established the Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs and authored or co-authored a number of papers and books, including Britannia Unchained and After the Coalition (2011-2012).
Prior to being named by Cameron to the Cabinet as Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs during the 2014 cabinet reshuffle, Truss served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Childcare and Education from 2012 to 2014.
From 1998 to 2000, Truss presided over the Lewisham Deptford Conservative Association. Truss ran unsuccessfully for the Vanbrugh ward in 1998 and the Greenwich London Borough Council in 2002. (in Blackheath Westcombe). In the 2006 Greenwich London Borough Council election, she was chosen to represent Eltham South as a councilor. Following the announcement of the 2010 general election on April 6, the dissolution of Parliament on April 12, and the deadline for submitting MP candidacy papers on April 20, Truss decided not to run for re-election to the council on May 6.
What drives her and where does she come from?
• A supporter who has won the favor of the Conservative right wing, which is in favor of Brexit.
• A former campaigner with the Liberal Democrats who protested Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s and who now claims to be the torchbearer for the Thatcherite movement.
• Mary Elizabeth Truss has undoubtedly traveled a political path.
• She might not be as well-known as her predecessor at Number 10 and she wasn’t the first Tory MP to suggest she take Boris Johnson’s position.

Liz Truss

However, her pledge to revert to core Conservative principles of reducing taxes and the size of the state proved to be exactly what party members, who had ultimate say in who would succeed Mr. Johnson, wanted to hear. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, she earned the respect of Johnson supporters by standing by Mr. Johnson through thick and thin as foreign secretary while other ministers betrayed him.
Grassroots Conservatives who favor Liz Truss view her as embodying the sturdy, persistent, and uncompromising traits they loved in Margaret Thatcher, an image Ms. Truss has worked to promote.
These characteristics, along with “Being ambitious,” also commonly appear when friends and relatives are asked to describe her character, despite her shifting political positions and allegiances over the years.
As the duly elected Leader of the Conservative Party, the largest political party in the Westminster Parliament of the United Kingdom, Truss will be given the opportunity to form a government on September 6, 2022. If she accepts, Queen Elizabeth II will appoint her prime minister at Balmoral, marking the first time in the Sovereign’s lengthy reign that the inauguration took place outside of England.
She will take office as the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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