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Akon Unveils Reason For His Interest In US Presidency

As a concern global citizen, music icon Akon recently revealed his reason for deciding to run for US presidency in future, which is tied to the rejection he got from the trump administration when he tried to restore power to hurricane-affected areas of the United States.

Akon, whose real name is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, is the co-founder of the Akon Lighting Africa project which aims to provide electricity to rural communities in Africa through solar power. While in Ethiopia, the musician joined the country to celebrate the famous Battle of Adwa which happened 122 years ago.

Akon believes that running for the presidency in the United States will give him the opportunity to find amicable solutions to the pressing needs of Africans.

“I have no interest to be in politics. I get asked that question all the time,” he was quoted by local Ethiopian media The Reporter Ethiopia.
“I have no interest to be in politics in Senegal. If I run, it will be in the United States, perhaps run for president of the US where I can make the most for the (African) continent,” the American-born singer added while addressing young people on the issue of youth migration.

His presentation at the AU Leadership Academy last week was on the theme: “African Youth and Challenges in Migration”.

“I am seriously going to fight for one passport for Africa where we can all travel freely,” Akon told the scores of young people who had come to listen to him. He urged them to participate in political activities, particularly to exercise their right to vote in all elections and to pay their taxes as “That is how we can make a real difference.”

As black people celebrate Black History Month every February to remember the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history, musician Akon would have none of that.

“I don’t teach my children black history. Black history makes you hate white people. Black history shows us as undeserving, as slaves and less human. Every country starts with Unity,” he explained, asking that “when are we going to have the United States of Africa.”

According to senegalese musician, “This is the generation that has the heart, mind and knowhow to do it. If we don’t take charge, get involved, I don’t know how the African future will look like. If we don’t see the African future, they will (foreign investors). If you don’t own it, they will,” he said.

Source: HowAfrica

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