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Ajim Capital Launches $10M Fund For African Companies In Tech Space

The African market is growing considerably, but investors are still slow to fund tech startups. Ajim Capital has decided to launch a $10M fund to invest in African tech startups, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses

The fund will provide checks of $25,000 to $150,000 to pre-seed to seed tech-enabled companies across the continent. Ajim Capital is looking for startups that fit their established criteria – potential for rapid growth and fast adoption. They are interested in companies that can provide excellent returns to investors and that fill significant economic and infrastructure gaps for consumers and enterprises across Africa

They are keen on considering founders with entrepreneurial experience or in the industry relevant to their technology. “We invest primarily in founders with former entrepreneurial or directly relevant industry experience, initial indications of product-market fit, highly scalable software solution, and a potential 10x return for investors,” says Eunice Ajim, Founding Partner of Ajim Capital.

Eunice Ajim, the founding partner of Ajim Capital was born in Cameroon and moved to the US in 2011. She is a 2x tech founder and an executive with experience ranging from start-up funding and management to leading a $10M+ tech startup. She has the know-how to lead a company to profits in a competitive environment.

Committed to her mission, Eunice has met with over 100 African tech companies and has angel invested in 10 of them in the past year. Some of her angel investments include Mono, Payhippo, TalentQL, Lemonade Finance, Bamboo, Payday, and Mecho Autotech. The passionate investor and entrepreneur wants to focus on developing the continent’s technology space, and she believes the best time to start is now.

Ajim Capital is inviting potential investors to reach out to them and aid in building Africa’s future in the tech space.

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