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Africa’s First Certified Matchmaker Relationship Coach

Its a pleasure to publish an article about this wonderful, unique , talented, and certified MATCHMAKER  This is my own little way of supporting his dreams..

good esereh
Good Ereseh CMM

Good Ereseh is a young entrepreneur,first certified matchmaker in Africa, certified by the only State Licensed MATCHMAKING school in the world Matchmaking Institute New York). He is the managing consultant of Good Matchmaking which he established June 2012 . Several of his achievements can be drawn from the positive impact he had shown in peoples’ relationship and marriage. He was formerly a fashion designer and loves quality touch in art, nature and beauty.
Good hails from Delta State,in Nigeria, he is the last of five children. Growing up he spent most of his time with his sisters where he gathered a lot of knowledge about women and the challenges they face with men and relationship at an early age and this arouse his interest inrelationship.He is married to a beautiful and humble lady and they are blessed with kids.

Good Ereseh has always had passion in mending relationships that would have otherwise been broken.  He also does charitable works with the under-privileged.Good Ereseh had his first degree in Biology from University of Lagos and computer science from Lagos state University.Regardless of his educational background he finds joy in helping people achieve their relationship and marital goals and then he began the journey into match-making.

In the past years he has been learning more about human psychology and MATCHMAKING from successful international matchmakers to help him fully perfect his God given talent. Good matchmaking is a pet project of his and a dream come true set-up to help singles find love and fix every relationship problems. He counsels and does a lot of blogging on relationships,so he is also a writer not just a match maker! Isn’t this wonderful?

Good believes that to every problem there is a solution, just as there are solutions to the issues in the dating world. Finding the right partner has become such a task among our ladies and gentlemen. People have usedONLINE DATING platforms in search of their partner but at the end of the day receive tragic results and this is where professional matchmaking comes in to secure and guide relationships into becoming a success.

As a professional,Good have solved thousands of relationship issues across Nigeria using his expert skills.He is a good listener and provides great platforms to tackle issues. Good Ereseh is also a pre-marital and marriage coach and he is an executive in the marriage counseling team of Harvesters International Christian Centre.

good es
Good Ereseh Counselling Couples

Some of his projects;

The Institution of Marriage
April 2014

Marriage is an institution that most people think they can graduate from and this institution has been misunderstood by a lot people who are married or who desire to be married, but its time to understand what marriage is all about and what to expect in it, also to get you ready for marital problems.


Relationship Misconception by Good Ereseh
April 2014

You need to know why relationships are wrong to get into without being friends first, Why relationship was created and what it can give or take from you. You also need to know the advantages and disadvantages of getting into a relationship. You need to know the wrong reasons why people get into relationship.

5 Laws Of Commitment by Good Ereseh
April 2014

Here I speak about the strong laws of committing in relationship and marriage, without these laws a lot of relationship tend to end up in failure and disappointments.

February 2015

Coaching is a necessary requirement for anyone striving to be successful in marriage.

In our world today people wait for problems to show its face first before they seek the help of a marriage counselor or therapist but then the smart ones rather seek for professional coaching programs to apply in their lives before those problems show their faces. Coaching helps you achieve your goals and…more

Relationship problems are common around us, imbalance relationship indirectly affects
our daily affairs even though some of us try to hide that fact. Good Esereh had taken time to identify the importance of smooth relationship and how we all can achieve that,because he is so passionate about it.

He is an Achiever!

Contact on Linkedin – Good Ereseh

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