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Africans In Diaspora Can Now Get Their Choice African Wears On Jeje Clothing

It is no doubt that daily, at least one African travels outside the continent for relocation purpose, while some travel to seek greener pastures, others travel to study, this mostly disconnects them from their initial way of life especially how they dress, Jeje Clothing has solved this issue by creating a platform that allows Africas in diaspora order for African wears and accessories of their choice.

Founded in 2015 by Olori Jeje, the United States-based fashion brand commenced operation under the brand name Royal Rainbow Art, a brand created to promote ‘Afrocentricism through African Art’. In 2018 as the vision got clearer, the brand’s name was changed to Jeje LLC and later shortened to Jeje clothing in the same year.

Olori Jeje started off as a fashion designer who specialised in African inspired clothing. Through her desire to grow and support from family and friends, Olori was motivated to transform her small home-based business into an online enterprise.

With this, her clients would be able to purchase ready to wear clothes. While going through the process of establishing what is now Jeje clothing, Olori Jeje has discovered a lot about the material that builds her brand  (Ankara) and has also become more drawn to the Afrocentric lifestyle. The discovery of this precious printed fabric in combination with her artistic passion led to Jeje clothing.

The brand whose mission is to uplift Nigerian families that are living in poverty by connecting them with people worldwide was born out of Olori Jeje’s heritage, her upbringing, her passions, and her experiences as a designer both in Nigeria and in the United States under her dads’ tutelage.

Jeje Clothing creates wearable Ankara arts, western culture appropriate clothes mixed with Ankara, African beads of all kind, shoes, bags, and jewelry all made with an Afrocentric motive.

Jeje Clothing is always available to produce everything that an Afrocentric person or anyone who just likes Ankara can wear every day, or to a special event and allowing them to look classy,  elegant,  casual, playful or whatever look they would like to achieve.

More About Olori Jeje

Olori who was born and raised in Nigeria has four generations of tailors ahead of her. At a younger age, she migrated to America where she experienced a culture that gives one the opportunity to achieve anything you are willing to work for.

As a teenager, she traveled back to Nigeria where she understood her heritage and culture better by living among other Nigerians and studying about it in the theatre art department of the prestigious University of Lagos.

The study about the history of Africa and African art in the university was a great drive for her to achieve her dream and she felt the need to show the rest of the world the beauty Africa has to offer. Her father, a home-based fashion designer who craft kings wear gave her great support and ensured she birthed her idea.

You can explore and buy African wears and accessories of your choice on

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