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“African Youths Need To Be Empowered With Proper Skills and Funding”- Ashish Thakkar

The popular saying “the children are the leaders of tomorrow”, is not just a saying but what should be a reality in our immediate community, this is in line with the recent action of Ashish Thakkar, the founder and Chairman of Mara Group, an investment firm with it’s presence across 25 African countries.

Ashish Thakkar who was named Africa’s youngest billionaire in 2017, is chairman of the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s Presidential Youth Advisory Group (PYAG), an initiative created with the purpose of creating 25 million jobs for African youths.

Ashish and the group are keen on ensuring entrepreneurial skills and other required skills are impacted into as many youth their reach can get to and with the AFDB involvement, needed capital to kick-start the entrepreneurial journey would be seamless.
In the words of Ashish Thakar “we are really, really lucky to be young people on our amazing continent today, where technology is growing at such a rapid pace and where connectivity and the whole digital transformation across all sector is happening now”.

African youths need to be incorporated with the right skill, secondary school education does not really push entrepreneurship, so we are poised with the challenge of bridging the gap and also provide a safe landing space for the youth in terms of funding.

The transformation of Africa is in the hands of African youths, they should not wait for someone to pet them or give them things on a platter of Gold, African youths need to take the Gold by themselves. Creative thinking and innovation would attract funding even from Africans and would ultimately transform the whole continent.

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