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Africa Unveils First Nigerian Made Humanoid Robot, Omeife 

Africa has revealed its first humanoid robot named Omeife, built by Nigerian technology company based in Abuja, Uniccon group.

The technology sector is Nigeria is fast gaining its grounds and is making accessibility and sharing of information, ideas, and business transactions much easier. Not only that, also the innovations made by Nigerian tech companies are giving us a wider recognition by the rest of the world.

This humanoid robot is a 6 foot female character that has the ability to speak 8 different languages asides English language. These languages include, Igbo, Yoruba, Kiswahili, Arabic, French, Pidgin, Afrikaans and Hausa.

Omeife was unveiled by Uniccon global in October, at the largest tech and startup show in the world, GITEX GLOBAL. Minister of Communications and Digital Economy of Nigeria, Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, communicated his admiration for the Uniccon Group’s technological innovation at the event.

Although the robot has no facial expressions which is a preference from the makers, it is run by artificial intelligence, which enables it to react in real time using precise hand gestures, and also follow voice prompts. It is programmed to be African in nature and also to avoid rude remarks maintaining a polite and polite conversation.

Omeife has the ability to walk on flat surfaces and also hold on to things. According to the CEO of Uniccon groups, Chuks Ekwueme, the robot is not built mainly for labour but for intellectual capabilities.

Chuks mentioned that “It’s not just multilingual, it has the ability to switch languages and interact with specific gestures, hand illustrations, smile and other bodily gestures that match the tone of the conversation.”

Although other African humanoid robot developments have been in the works before Omeife, the Abuja based tech company is the first to announce its completion.

Uniccon group has plans to produce more of the humanoid robot across all sectors, and sell it at $30,000.

This innovation is a stepping stone for greater technology innovation in Nigeria and Africa at large, and will open doors to international and global transactions.

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