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“Africa Still Has To Do More To Leverage Youth”-WYF Participant, Akpem Shadrach Says

A Nigerian entrepreneur identified as Akpem Shadrach was selected to participate at the World Youth Forum (WYF) second edition in Cairo, Egypt. During the forum, he stated that “Africa still has to do more to leverage youth.”

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The young Nigerian entrepreneur engages in providing veterinary care and animal farming tips to his clients.

He spoke from the point of view of unemployment and poverty which he believes is the order of the day on the African continent. To him, like every other entrepreneur believes, the major challenge remains funding.

According to him, while training young people on modern animal husbandry practices, he yearns and hopes for partnerships to finance trainees to set up their enterprises afterwards.

He stated that the culture is faulty among many trainers. After training, they leave the trainees to their fate without proper financial backing to put what they have learnt into practice.

Based on an interview with Egypt today, Shadrach said he submitted an abstract on leveraging youth to the forum, where he shares his vision on systematic and sustainable empowerment of human capital.

According to him, “Despite our youthful population, a lot hasn’t been done with respect to deliberately empowering the African youths, and this is dangerous.”

He further explained his proposal in to to and said that-  “Structured programs must focus on building the capacity of young people and also support them with a favorable environment to express themselves. The truth is that no government can cater to the market’s entire job needs, but it can behold the environment to create a favorable system for citizens to thrive.”

Siting an example with China and India, he emphasized that these countries have measures in place that helps to effectively maximized their youth power formally and informally, adding that this is reflected in their productivity.

In a morning session at the WYF, high-profile delegates from Africa and Europe shared their remarks on furthering cooperation between both continents, highlighting Egypt’s integral role in bridging relations and building sustainable ties. Earlier this year, Egypt was elected for a one-year term to chair the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government in 2019.

Based on Shadrach’s vision, he encouraged African states to follow others’ steps regarding youth empowerment, and praised Egypt’s “respect to the role of youths in making African great, hence the will to put together such a great forum of global youth.”

He added “Coming here, I must say that I am truly impressed with the level of organization put into actualizing this forum. Bringing over 5000 people from all over the world together for over a week is a big deal, but I must say the organization did a flawless job by any standards.”

In conclusion, it is important to make mention that Shadrach is the CEO of Mobovet Enterprise, and he is currently working on setting up an integrated animal farm in Nigeria, in addition to his work as a youth persons’ trainer.

He engaged in a just concluded partnership with different initiatives like the U-Report program under UNICEF, where he gets rural dwellers to engage on the platform to address social issues.

The World Youth Forum is taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh over the course of four days during November 3-6. It ends today.

Great to be informed on youths sharing their voice on issues that concerns the continent. This way, there is hope for The African youth.

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