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Africa is least committed to cybersecurity than other continents- United Nations

Recently cybersecurity threats have been globally discovered to be real and there is an ongoing malware attack after the recent WannaCry ransomware that infected millions of computers across continents.

The obvious question is, what is being done on a larger scale to protect people and businesses from cyberattacks.

This question was answered by the UN agency, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in its 2017 Global Cybersecurity Index.

They measured the commitment of Member States to cyber security ranging from legal, technical and organisational measures, capacity building and international cooperation.

The level of commitment in Africa is lowest compared to other continents.

Only Mauritius and Egypt are in the leading stage of demonstrating high commitment to cybersecurity in the continent.

Majority of the rest, are in the initiating stage while a few are in the maturing stage of demonstrating commitments to cybersecurity by engaging in programmes and initiatives.

The top 10 ranked countries in Africa are Mauritius, Egypt, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Uganda, South Africa, Algeria and Botswana.

The least committed countries in Africa are Equatorial Guinea at the bottom, followed by the Central African Republic and then Guinea-Bissau.

They are also the least committed in the world.


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