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Africa Launches First Edition Of ”Mobile Film Festival Africa”

As the world advanced digitally the need to promote creativity in the entertainment industry arose and this led to the initiative called Mobile Film Festival whose first edition in Africa has just being launched.

One minute to produce a movie with a cell phone, to make it simple. This is the concept of the Mobile Film Festival, whose 15th international edition ended in December 2019.

Today, the event wants to bring the African continent to life through the launch of the Mobile Film Festival Africa. For this first pan-African edition, the Mobile Film Festival returns with the rules that made its success:

“One Mobile, one Minute, one Film”, only one rule specific to this edition: you have to live on the African continent to participate. The theme is free.

For 15 years, the Festival has defended the values of accessibility and equality by eliminating economic constraints, thanks to the use of mobile phones and free registration to the festival, while enhancing the value of creativity through the one-minute narrative format.

Over the last 4 years, the Festival has received more than 4,000 films from 132 countries, generated 78 million views and distributed €229,000 in production grants.

The 100% African edition (which calls for the participation of all 54 states of the black continent) is a natural fit for the Mobile Film Festival. Africa, the youngest continent in the world, has made a digital revolution around mobile phone, and is conquering the world thanks to its creativity and its youth.

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