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Afolabi Sarah is Reducing Time Spent on Making Snacks With Her Products

Following the trends and the ways things are changing so fast, different innovations are spring up as well to complement this new way of life, one of such innovations in the confectionery world was initiated by a 27-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur Afolabi Sarah in November 2017 to save time used in preparing popular Nigerian snacks.

Sarah came up with an already blended recipe for making pastries and fries such as Puff-puff, beans cake and Moin-moin (bean pudding) without stress. Instead of the usual hours of prepare these snacks, in few minutes you can now have your snacks served all thanks to an innovative Nigerian.

She explained during her interview with Espact that her products were driven based on her knowledge on the amount of  stress involved in cooking especially pastries and fries, so she embarked on a production that will reduce the stress we go through in the kitchen after a busy day at work.

This young entrepreneur who is a graduate  of Public Administration from the Polytechnic, Ibadan, felt that foods such as Puff-puff and beans cake involve stressful and long recipes but cannot be deleted from our menu and then thought of how to bring the current waves of inventions and innovations to reduce the time we spent in the kitchen trying to get our menu ready.
Her products which are widely known as Terslymix, exists in 2 brands namely Puff-puff mix and beans flours, each containing a carefully combined ingredient for Puff-puff and for beans cake.
The Puff-puff mix combines ingredients that include refined flour, sugar, iodized salt and sugar, all in appropriate proportions, and also in with various flavours such as milk, pepper and vanilla in order to give it a taste of uniqueness, richness and nourishment.

The beans cake mix is made from raw beans which are processed under hygienic conditions and healthy atmosphere to produce a power mix that helps to save enough time when frying beans cake or pudding beans.

Using Sarah’s products in your household requires just a few simple steps; all you need is to dissolve the powdery mix into a defined amount of water and after few minutes, the mix is ready to be fried with oil, and thus reducing the stress of going through a long recipe posed by the previous ways of making pastries and fries. So with these products your snacks for breakfast can ready in ten minutes.
In order to meet the needs of the confectionery market, she is currently embarking on mass production to satisfy the ever-growing consumers in the southwestern part of Nigeria.

With the production operating majorly in Lagos, there are outlets across cities such as Abeokuta, Ibadan, Osogbo, Ondo, and Ekiti, and on daily basis, she’s making efforts to discover more suitable alternatives for the herculean kitchen procedures.

Isn’t this just a great time saver?

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