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Achievement Is The Only Exposure Strategy You Need- Kemi Adetiba

Achievements is not a strange word to Kemi Adetiba, she has lots of that to her name. Kemi Adetiba is a Nigerian filmmaker, television director and music video director media entrepreneur, with lots of award to her name.
Kemi Adetiba started off as an on air presenter at Rhythm 93.7 before moving into TV then music and movie production. Currently Kemi adetiba has grown into a major force to reckoned with in the media industry today, she has directed popular Nollywood movies like King of boys, Wedding party 1 and 2 and got different nominations and awards. Recently Netflix listed her among top 55 groundbreaking women in entertainment.

Here is the interview with Kemi Adetiba;

Can you tell us your background and journey to stardom
I graduated with a first degree in Law, which a lot of people do not know about. I started my career as a presenter on Radio. At that time I was working for Rhythm 93.7, though before getting to that point there is a long story. I graduated to television. At that time, Silverbird Television had just opened and I had a job with MNet. I did Studio 53. We had just started Studio 53 at that point in time and it was IK Osakioduwa (Big Brother Africa) and I. We travelled all over Africa bringing amazing stories that revolved around personal achievements, fashion and others. We also had a syndicated show that aired all over Africa at that time called ‘Temptation Nigeria’. That was a long time ago.

What made you venture into different aspect of media?
At some point, I decided that I wanted more. I was actually very curious. Not only that, I wasn’t sure how much longer I had in front of the cameras, reason being that to be in front of the camera, I had to have my hair done, I had to wear heels, I had to wear nice clothes… and I was worried that what if one day, God forbid, I lost my legs, or what if one day I wasn’t as pretty, or what if one day something happened. I needed additional ammunition to be able to exist in life and do other things. I wanted to expand my career options. I was always curious about the technical side of television. What people do not understand, what people did not know is that I never set out to be a filmmaker. I never was one of those who when they were five or six years old and watching a film would say, ‘Oh my God! I can’t wait to be a filmmaker’. What I did was embrace my journey to get to that point.

What were the challenges you faced in your career path
The road was definitely not smooth, but i like stressing on it because i don’t want people to let the challenges i faced stick to their mind but rather the success that came after those challenges, that is the main point that people should hold one to. I faced hurdles but i always believed in myself and I work very hard. It is important i glorify how important it is to work very hard. I pushed myself to the limit. In all fairness i am also very intentional about the moves that I make and the energy that I exert. As opposed to impossible, I want you to understand that it can be done, that’s all, it can be done.

What advise do you have for young entrepreneurs and people in the media space?
Change your orientation concerning the word sacrifice because sacrifice means just slaying yourself down for a course but rather the word is not sacrifice, it is hard work. When people say I’m part of the top ten – it is actually top three when it comes to directing – the reason why I keep giving myself ‘the accolades’ is not for myself, it is for others to understand that it can be done because so many people had told me that it could not be done. So it is about hard work.
Your hard work would bring in great achievements to you and this is your ultimate card to exposure. once you have an achievement people would want to relate with you and you would definitely get your deserved attention and even more, so the best advise is strive to make great achievements in life because once you get that you are more than half way done.

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