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9 Year Old Entreprenuer Turns Slime Making Into Booming Business

Becoming an entrepreneur starts from the things an individual loves which can developed fully into a business.

South Africa’s Skyler Carmichael is running a booming business from making slime and has been tagged the queen of slime by residents in her community.

After the slime-making craze hit the internet last year where thousands of children in different corners of the world started making slime, 9 year old Skyler decided to turn what started out as fun for her into a great business and has been receiving high orders from prestigious malls and supermarkets.

The young girl has since gotten several support from different corporations, and tubes of her slime, as well as the necessary DIY kits have been picked HP by the renowned super market, giant Spar.
“There was a lost of interest from the public and fans from Skyler’s slime to make it public, so we approached a few companies and Spar was the first corporation to partner with her ” her mother Deshni Carmichael said.

The business started from producing about 50 bottles of slime everyday in the garage to supply to local businesses and supermarkets and has grown so much that the need for a proper factory has already been put into consideration and already has its first employee.

At quite a young age, this 9 year old is already setting the pace for her mates by turning a gooey substance that is considered a source of fun into a product that is fast gaining recognition across the country.

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