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9 Quotes You Need To Drive Yourself To Success

There are times we’ve all felt like quitting and just walking away. Situations become overwhelming and as humans, we have to choose between the two reactions that comes naturally. These reactions are known as the “fight or flight” reactions.

Everybody reacts differently when facing challenges but what differentiates one another is the manner of approach and reaction. We’ll share with you a method you can use when you feel overwhelmed or distressed. You will need a notepad and a pen for this.

What Should You Do?

At those moments when you want to give up or throw in the towel, leave whatever you’re doing, if you can, and relax. Just breathe.

When you feel relaxed, reach for your notepad and turn to the pages at the back. Write down exactly how you feel in detail. Next, write down the reasons you think are responsible for how you feel. Lastly, on the back pages of your notepad, write down how you think you can address the reasons responsible for how you feel. If it is not having enough money, you can write something like “get a job” or “apply for a loan”.

The next step is for you to flip to the front pages of the notepad and read through (and repeatedly) as many motivational quotes as you have written down. If you haven’t written any down, we’ve listed some below to give you a head-start.

  1. You are not a failure unless you accept failure or defeat.
  2. Life will always throw challenges at you; your reaction to such challenges determines your success.
  3. Find your passion, follow it and constantly fuel it.
  4. Failure is how we learn, adapt and toughen up so we can get to the point where we can succeed.
  5. A problem can actually become a stepping-stone to your greatness.
  6. Taking action is the only guaranteed way to achieve success in life.
  7. Your level of development will determine your income.
  8. Success will knock on your door if you choose to improve.
  9. Be thankful for life and for who you are.

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