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7 Tips for Success From Leading African Female Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakija, the leading African female billionaire from humble beginnings, has launched herself to the highest rankings of success .

Despite being the wealthiest woman in Africa, Alakija is a source of inspiration for many. She always shares her experiences, successes and failures and how to maintain hope and happiness in life and it has made her one of the most relatable and accessible business leaders of our time. Here are some of the success tips of success to learn:

1.You must have a goal

To be successful, you have to take pressure away from rewards and focus on doing things that matter to you. Yes, it’s good to set goals. But don’t just settle if you fail! “You have to be focused and direct your mind towards achieving that goal,” she said.

2.Educate yourself

“To be successful, you have to educate yourself. Even if you don’t have sponsors to pay for your education, still try to get a job and use the funds to get an Education. Once you complete your education, make sure to add some training skills to match your experience.” This is easier said than done, especially if you struggle with confidence. But give it a go at least once; you may be surprised by the result!

3. Make Sacrifices

This is a great one to remember. Alakija has often emphasised the need to give something before getting what you want. According to her, there is no success without sacrifice and this fact. “In anything that you desire to do, You must be ready to go the extra by making a sacrifice,” she said.

4. Utilise your time and talent

You may have heard the advice to put your energy towards utilising your time and talent, and this is true. Time, talent, and treasure are all currencies we use to get things done. This framework helps us discover our gifts and actively utilise them to our advantage.

5. Credibility, Reliability and Responsibility

To cultivate credibility and reliability as an individual, you must build trust, earn trust and get trust. If people like you, they will trust you, and if they trust you, they will do business with you. “If you’re running a business and you’re not credible or reliable, it’s impossible to be successful. You cannot just wake up and claim it; you just have to be it.”

6. Say ‘NO’ to naysayers

Alakija has tried to compress the most important lessons she’s learned in her life, and among the great advice is this gem: “Practice saying NO to people who say you can’t do something. You cannot become successful if you allow the noise of the world to drown you out.”

7.Nothing is impossible.

Alakija often states some version of this quote in interviews, discussing how important it is to say YES’ more and take risks. “There’s no limit to what anyone can achieve in life. The sky is the limit if you set your heart out to do what you want to achieve. If people are going to the moon, who says it can’t be you next?”

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