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5 Ways To Harness Creativity For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers at heart. Most businesses are designed to solve some kind of consumer problem; for example, you might sell a product that allows people to do something they’d otherwise be incapable of or sell a service that makes someone’s life easier.

Creativity is the ability to come up with original ideas. In other words, you can think in new ways, and come up with strategies that aren’t conventional.

There’s no way to sit down and simply power through a creative brainstorming session. Instead, the most impressive creative breakthroughs tend to happen spontaneously, and when people least expect them.

There are some strategies you can use to boost your creative potential and allow yourself to think in more dynamic ways:

Improve Creativity In Yourself And Others:  First, understand that you’re not the only person on your team and you’re certainly not the only team member capable of coming up with creative ideas. You can easily boost your total creative potential by improving creativity in both yourself and the people around you.

Give Yourself More Time: One of the best steps you can take is to give yourself more time. This isn’t always possible most times, as you’ll need to make an immediate decision or act immediately to start resolving a problem. But if you have a few days to think about something, give yourself each of those days. More time will allow you see through more variables, and you’ll have more time to naturally stumble upon a solution.

Talk To Other People Asides Team Members: No matter how naturally creative you are, your mind is still going to be limited based on your current knowledge, perspectives and experiences. If you want to expand your creative horizons, you need to talk to other people who have different perspectives and experiences. See the world through their eyes and filter your solutions.

Stimulate Yourself With Creative Work: It’s also a good idea to creatively stimulate yourself with art and creative works from other people. Simple measures like hanging abstract art in your office or playing jazz music while you’re working can have a profound effect.

Take Inspiration From Outside The Box: Finally, look for inspiration in unconventional places. If you’re trying to solve a problem in your specific industry, you might look at businesses like yours, including current competitors and similar businesses that have existed in the past.

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