5 Tips For Working Well With Others

Bringing a team of talented individuals is not the ingredient for success. You can have this and still fail. What is key to success is communication. The ability to work with others, easily share thoughts and ideas, and collaborate without hitches are what successs depends on.

Every entrepreneur has to understand that a business idea would not execute itself nor can you afford a toxic workspace. Output and desire to seize initiative would suffer greatly if you have a team that isn’t playing or behaving like a team. Even if you’re aapart of the team, as the boss or an employee, teamwork is very important.

Below are discussed five tips on how to be a better co-worker

1. Provide constructive feedback.

Working together comes with its own brand of tension. This can blow over if left unchecked. Working in a high pressure environment or with a deadline can throw up potential bust up situations. In order to avoid, feedback should be clear and constructive. Provision of feedback should not feel like an attack. It’s okay to disagree with someone’s take, but do not fixate on the negatives. Apart staving off conflict, this approach puts the other person kn the mental place to listen to and accept what you are trying to point out.

2. Give credit where credit is due.

Do not be a Scrooge of giving credit where it is due. When someone gives an insightful comment, shares a great idea, or carries out a task well, acknowledge it. This simple move has great benefits. This is not just a call to the boss’ office for a handshake. Let the rest of the firm know, create a board for it; a sort of hall of fame.  Individuals who receive compliments or acknowlegement feel valued and in turn become more invested in the project or business.

3. Own up to your mistakes.

If something goes wrong and it’s your fault, do not shift the blame. Nothing can be fixed unless you’re up front about what happened. Apart from owning up to your mistake, do not try to downplay it no matter how strong the urge to is.

4. Know your strengths.

Knowing what each member of your team is bringing to the table is key to seamless working. For one, you know what to expect and how far each person can be pushed without asking for too much. It also avkids burnout for you or a team member who gets overburdened.

Skill is not the only thing. How good are you? What conditions are necessary for your team to function effectively? What is each person’s strenght and weakness? All these questions need to be answered satisfactorily.

5. Show gratitude

Saying thank you, like acknowledging good work and giving positive feedback, goes a long way in creating an enabling work environment. Courtesy aids communication.

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