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5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Mompreneur

Being a mother is a business on it’s own that comes with a lot of joy and fulfillment.

Here comes the big deal…. Having to accommodate motherhood and Entrepreneurship becoming mompreneur can be a little difficult and if you are not careful you would get caught up in one, neglecting the other.
These are simple steps that would keep you in check and ensure you perform efficiently as a Mompreneur:

Having a possibility Mentality

“Yes i can” that should be your statement, being successful in anything starts from the mind, so you need to have a positive mindset that you can achieve being a successful Mompreneur.

Plan Plan Plan
Now that you have a lot of thing attached to you, the safest thing to do is to always plan at least a week ahead, putting your kids and family time into consideration. synchronize your family time with your work schedule, so you don’t mix them up. planning is never too much as a Mompreneur, plan your day,week,month.

Keep the both lives sacred
Yes, you have two lives, the mother and the entrepreneur, as much as you need to synchronize both, you also need to keep them sacred, sticking to the plan and give each one of them the time required.
Keep your work time flexible to accommodate break time to attend to your kids if needed.

Have an assistant
Not to wear yourself out because Mompreneur is a huge task, you could get an assistant for however long feasible, the assistant would help in the duties that does not require you to handle directly, that way you get more free time.

Take care of yourself
Don’t stress yourself too much, you need care too. make sure you constantly map out your personal time where you relax and do anything that ease off stress. this time is strictly for you, don’t allow motherhood duties or business creep into that space.

Women are doing exploit as a mother and also as an Entrepreneur, we love you.

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