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5 Skills You Can Learn During This Festive Period

The festive season is a time of reflection, getting together with loved ones and, of course, exchanging gifts. As much as it can bring happiness, this time of the year can also be filled with a lot of stress.

Here are 5 vital skills that will help you can learn during the festive season and make these days more enjoyable for you.

1. Visual Thinking Skills

We all know that awkward moment when we unpack a gift that does not even resemble anything we could have wished for. Yes, you said you needed a new lamp for your bedside table. But you definitely didn’t mean this moss green vintage monster with a pink flower pattern. This year, you can avoid sticky situations like this – with the right skills. Instead of writing down your Christmas list, why don’t you just sketch it? Take a training on “Visual Thinking for Business” to learn vital drawing and visualisation skills. Using visual thinking and visual communication will also help you to create an accurate mental image when you describe your Christmas wishes. No more unwanted gifts this year!

2. Design Skills

Of course, Christmas is not just about receiving – more importantly, it’s about giving gifts. In order to give your gift ideas a more creative and personal note this year, why not learn a design skill. It will give you a ton of useful ideas about how to create do-it-yourself gifts, design a personal Christmas card or wrap your present perfectly, design your e flyers or post yourself or a mini design for personal use.

3. Digital Marketing Skills

Your company wants to use the holiday/festive season for a special marketing campaign? Great idea! Learn how to use digital tools and social media marketing in order to reach more customers . Learn how to put your business online, run sponsored ads that converts, revamp your page like a pro!. Another great idea is to update your own social media profiles during the holidays. Use your free time to acquire vital skills about how to build your online presence for personal branding.

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4. Presentation Skills

So your boss asked you to give a small speech at this year’s office Christmas party. Not like it’s a big deal, you first think. But as the date approaches, you start getting more and more nervous, wondering what you are going to say and how your co-workers are going to perceive you. Take a course on“Presentation Skills for Business” it will help you fight the anxiousness and master the challenge perfectly.

5. Social Innovation Skills

For most people, the holidays are a time of contemplating and thinking up new ways of how to go about things. You might even want to start a new initiative in your neighbourhood or volunteer at any activities. Social Innovation can help you collect even more ideas on how to solve societal problems, improve social practices or even open up your own social business.

Start planning now and learn vital skills to make your plans happen in the new year.

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