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5 Media Planning Strategies To Grow Your Business 

Media planning strategy passes your marketing message across to just the right cycle of people that will be interested in your products or service, with little physical effort and low cost budget. 

For the success of any business, it is not enough to just procure customers for your products or services, you also need to send them the right message at the right time, to yield results and conversion. 

However, marketers must first understand the where, when, what, who method that determines how messages are delivered; the components of media planning.

● Who: This is your target audience. Your message must be relevant to their age, gender, interests, location and it must serve them.

● What: Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter or download an app? The message must prompt the audience to take action.

● When: This indicates how often a message is to be shared. Know when to be persistent and when to draw the line. 

● Where: It is important to know the value of every form of social media and how many of your audience can receive the message there. 

● How: What key performance indicators should be tracked on the platforms that you use?

Now that we understand the components of media planning to ties the loose ends, let’s discuss the effective strategies to grow your business.

Choose the Right Platform 

Knowing where your audience usually are and what channels they use the most is vital in media planning. There are traditional channels of marketing; print, billboards, TV and radio, which is suitable for businesses that have a lot of older or less tech savvy customers, and the use of digital marketing that provides unlimited reach to customers all over the world. 

Create a target audience profile from market research, map out your customer persona and journey. Study your competitors to know what platforms they use in reaching their audience.

Quantify Objectives

Before implementing a strategy, the mission for the marketing goal must be spelled out clearly. The whole point of marketing is to get your audience to take action. Let the action you want them to take to be evident in every message you pass across. It could be brand building, generating awareness for your brand, generating sales or sales leads or even building community and customer loyalty.

Brand Communication 

This refers to the voice and style your brand adopts in written and verbal communication. It comes down to what will resonate with your audience, in accordance to the customer persona you already have. It is easier to define your tone of voice this way, it could be neutral and direct, joyful and friendly, educational and inspirational, to name a few.

Content Creation 

The right form of content on the right platform has a higher chance of increasing brand awareness, providing value for customers, connecting with customers and getting these customers to become advocates.

Create a social media calendar that helps you decide what to post and which platform is most suitable for your posts. 

Repurposing content will also be your ally; the idea that a content can be used in various ways. For example, write a blog, turn the information into an infographic, break it down into tweets, take a quote and make it a graphic image, make a presentation slide out of it, add a voiceover to narrate the screen cap, upload it on YouTube, the possibilities are endless.

Measure What Matters 

It is important to check to make sure your marketing efforts are actually getting you closer to your objectives . This is where Key Performance Indicators KPIs are effective.

Generally, marketing objectives fall into three categories; generating awareness, audience engagement and conversions.

With generating awareness, the first metric you’d want to check is total reach, the number of followers on your page and if people are clicking the like button.

Audience engagement metric lets you know that the audience is responding to your content. It is tracked by the number of comments, shares or clicks on external links.

Conversion is the action you want people to take after seeing your content and it is measured by sales, generating leads, generating traffic etc.

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