5 Important Ways To Come Up With Catchy And New Content Ideas

The importance of content cannot be overemphasised, it is as essential as the design and aesthetics of your website because it drives search engine results, increases traffic to your page and establishes your organization as an industry leader.

As of today, we will understand that content has gone far, as it can be used for so many things: advertisements, good content can make you gain the trust of people or audience, content are educative and all. The issue might then arise at the point of getting ideas to create this content either by writing, designing and all.

This content will thereby shed light on five (5) easy and effective ways you can generate good content ideas:

Find out what people want to know:

You can derive ideas and inspirations from what people have to say, it could be a particular wants of your target audience, you can as well get something from that. Ideas can come from anywhere even where you least expect, knowing what people wants can actually give you a clue in what to write about and as well satisfy your audience’s wish and desires at the same time.


Questions too are very powerful tool in the sense that, when you hear or read a question, your brain automatically starts to compose an answer before you even know what you are doing. And with just a little conscious direction and hard work on your part, that answer could be expanded into a full article.

Join a Facebook group:

You could join a Facebook group, get into the conversations to see what your target market is talking about. Discussions sometimes helps a lot, you could pick out certain facts and points from talks. Having done that, an idea can actually pop out from there.

Take a breather:

The brain is somewhat like a muscle. Sometimes it simply needs a break.
If you keep hitting a block, turn off your computer, get up, and do something else.
Like maybe sneak over to your local playground, library, university to relax, engage in some juicy conversations, have run and relax your mind. Something might just pop because your mind is relaxed already.

Have a list of ideas prepared before you write:

There is a spot known to writer’s everywhere as “Writer’s Block,” it helps to have a plan, or list of ideas, long before you sit down to write. Aside from that, you can get ideas and inspirations from other writers in the field, most especially the ones that have been in the field for a long time now. It usually helps a lot.

These five (5) tips listed might look simple though, but they are very effective, give it a try and you will be amazed at which it works.

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