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4 Things To Know Before Starting An E-commerce Business

The internet is where the customers are now. The virtual world created by social media platforms has made communication easier and Internet-based. As an entrepreneur whose demographic is young, you have to have an online presence. To do this effectively, a few things must be in place. A few are discussed below.

Your domain name.

As an e-commerce business, you have to give a lot of thought to your domain name. It must be brief and easy to remember. So also, favourably consider using the dotcom domain name extension as it is what most people are used to. Your goal is not necessarily to have a unique name but to have one that would be easy to remember.

Product/Service Selection

There are niches and gaps that need filling and can be commercialised. There are also saturated niches where your product would get lost in all the noise. Therefore, before starting up that e-commerce venture, make sure your product or service is a lucrative one. If it is a product, it must be easy to store and shipped to the places youylist as shipping/delivery destinations. If it is a service, you have to ensure timely mobility. Select products you really are interested in and not just for the money as that might only trickle in at first.

Evaluate your idea!

This is connected to what has been eaiere said. You must make sure there is a market for the  product(s) you intend selling. It is not enough that people in a particular clime are buying it. That does not mean it would be so in your part of the world. Do a market analysis to find out the viability of the product(s).  You can use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner Tool. to know the number of times that item has been searched for. An analysis of that data might even show a trend if one is available.

Know your competitors

Identify who your competitors are, rank themt look for their data and analyse them. These data must include their SEO scores, traffic, content, product descriptions, page outlay and customer reviews. In additon, learn their pricing strategy as you do not want to price yourself out of the market.

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