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4 Steps To A Perfectly Written Business Proposal

Business proposal is a key step in the complex sales process, as it allows buyers to consider more than just purchasing a product.

However, building a business proposal is like drawing out the structure of a building, create the overall look of a building and other structures. An architect has to present his design in a unique, accurate and detailed manner, same as any company’s business proposals, it should as well be presented accurately with necessary detailed, so as to get potential investors, depending on the goals of that company.

In any case, there are certain elements your recipient will be willing to see in your business proposal. They include: Title page, Cover letter, Table of content and Executive summary, all these and more will be analyzed in our next article.

For now lets focus on simple and straightforward tips to crafting out a perfect business proposal.

Define the problem

State out your project problem, why you’re interested in that particular project, why you think that problem is a problem, why you think that problem is worth solving.

Make sure you analyze in a formal, straightforward, understanding and captivating manner, as most recipients don’t have much time to read long proposals.

And note, be specific, and as well state out data and facts from your research.

Present your solution

After stating out your problem, you will have to proceed to stating out solutions to those problems.
State out the reason why you feel your solution is best of all the options. Discuss why it is perfect match to the stated problem, as stakeholders generally get more excited about projects with wide ranging effects than those with limited impact.

State out your proposal quality

Define your quality, worth and success criteria. State out your functions, characteristics, attributes and capabilities.

Analyse your activities, how you intend to achieve your aim, time factor and all. Make sure its specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and work with time. (SMART)

State out your plan

Starts with an explanation of the approach and why it’s relevant and effective, as it also explains how problems will be managed during the process.

How do you intend to achieve your goal, and how you would handle any problem that arises at any point in time.

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