35-Year-Old Chike Ukaegbu Set To Become Nigeria’s Youngest President

35-year-old Chike Ukaegbu has declared his intention to run for President of Nigeria come 2019. Ukaegbu aspires to become the youngest civilian president of the most populous nation in Africa.

Taking to his instagram page to make the announcement, Chike wrote:

“IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Yesterday, several media outfits reported on my intent to run for the highest office in my beloved country Nigeria. This post officially confirms that fact, albeit the unfortunate tragedy that also happened in Lagos was lives were lost in the fire disaster on Otedola Bridge. I pray for all affected and empathize with the families devastated by this grave incident. But, I also know that Nigerians are resilient and loving people and together can weather any storm. As one excited about our future and comforted in the hope and assurance of better days ahead for us all, I ask you to join me in building a coalition of Nigerians ready to move the country forward in the right direction.

For me, the last two months were about two choices – one of fear from current realities or one of courage to do what needs to be done. I chose the latter to make a difference and hope that you look beyond our past and present to choose to come on this journey into a brighter future with me. Thanks to a very supportive and prayerful family! LOVE THEM ALL TO DEATH!  Now is the time. Now is our time to save our Nation, and I know that we will succeed because we are stronger together.

Join the Chike4Nigeria Movement. ”

Chike has been recognized by the UN as One of 100 Most Influential People of African Descent in the diaspora for his work with Re: LIFE and Startup52.
He was recently invited to the White House to do a briefing on initiatives and strategies to empower undeserved and underrepresented communities via technology, education and entrepreneurship.

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