3 Tips On Making The Best Hiring Decisions

A business enterprise is a sum of all its parts. These parts include the human resource employed. Customers don’t make a business, employees do. Their aptitude determines output and how clients are treated. This has to be considered when picking who to employ, irrespective of your business’ size.

Take the time to carefully explore a potential candidate’s personality and skills, competencies, etc. This will ensure there are fewer hiring errors and employee turnover.

Here are tips on how to avoid hiring wrong.

Write out what this person will do, and what type of person would excel in the role.

That’s how big companes do it. If the new hire will be answering the phone, or selling on one, would you ideally want someone who sounds like a lifetime smoker or fresh, positive and energetic? If you hate micro-managing, do you need someone who is resourceful and who takes initiative, in addition to performing specific tasks? When you think about the skills you need and the personality you want, you’re already more likely to find the right person.

Write an incredibly comprehensive ad.

Put your whole wish list in the ad. The skills, education, personality traits, all of it. Rather than scaring the right people away or giving cues for a false interview, you’ll be far more likely to attract someone who reads your ad and says, “That’s me! That’s me! I’d love to work for a company that appreciates who I am!” You can weed out any fakers in a phone interview.

Interview intelligently.

A first interview is not an occasion to sell someone on how wonderful it would be to work for your company. It’s the chance to find out if there is a legitimate fit. Develop, ask and listen to the answers to questions directly related to the personality traits you’re looking for. The alleged skills are already on the resume. You can verify those when you check the references, and you should always check references.

Interview more than one person

We all have a natural tendency to like whomever we like and dislike others. Obviously, the smaller the company, the more important it is that you like the people you’ll be spending 40 hours a week with, but don’t hire anyone without at least two interviews. The first one can be a short phone interview, ideally followed by two in-person face-to-face meetings.

Source: Enterpreneur

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