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3 Tips on How To Hire Best Remote Team for Your Business

Recruiting and hiring top-quality workers is one of the most difficult aspects for any type of business, but when you decide to hire remotely a new layer of complexity gets added.

Maybe you are struggling to find quality candidates for your role or perhaps you are overwhelmed with candidates, but don’t have an efficient hiring system in place? If you want some help hiring a great remote team, keep the following tips in mind:

1.Use A Short Video: As the owner of a business, you want to get to know each of your applicants in a genuine and personal manner. Since physical interviews are not feasible when hiring remote workers, you can instead have them record a short 2-3 minute video. This often works out well for you as the employer since it provides a small barrier for applicants and saves you time otherwise spent organizing the logistics of an interview. 

For best results, give your applicants clear guidelines to follow while recording their video and use this as a small test to see if they are able to follow instructions correctly. Having a video in the application will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on the best potential applicants. 

2.Market Your Roles Internally And Externally
If you want to find the best possible remote employees, you must market your job listings around both internal and external sources. Ask your current employees if they have any trustworthy person that they can refer over to you.

Also, be sure to market your job listing on multiple job platforms . This way, you can receive a high level of applications to sift through. With more options, you will be able to quickly shortlist those who are not good applicants from the handful that you are considering seriously.

3. Share The Company Vision: Part of how you can make your business successful is by only working with those who you know believe in you and your company. If you hire employees who do not align with the company vision, then there is a good chance they will not stay long-term with the company. After all, if all they care about is the paycheck, they will not be a great person for you to pursue. 

As the owner of a business, you deserve to have the respect and loyalty of your remote employees. This is why you should hire remote workers that share in your company vision. For best results, have a way to quickly gauge who they are as a person in their short video, cover letter, or something similar. The idea is that you can determine a fit without investing too much time. 

If you have been hiring remote workers but are unable to get the ones you have been looking for, then use the tips above as a guide to getting high-quality workers. At the end of the day, though, you are the one who knows what is best for your business and should be the one who makes informed decisions keeping your needs in mind. 

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