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3 Step Formula You Need To Increase Sales

Entrepreneur and business executives are constantly brainstorming on how to increase sales and patronage of their businesses, in some occasions different strategies have been embarked upon but din’t turn out successful.
Not to worry, we are here to help you with these 3 step formula to increase sales or patronage in your business.

Always show proof and customer testimonials
This tactics has been working for years and it is still part of the trending strategies that successful companies use to get to their target customers an convince them to make a purchase.
Ensure you get feedback form customers that are willing and with their permission push those testimonials to your potential audience, once they see success stories, it appeals to them more than expensive advert placement. Also whatever your problem solves, e.g if it is a skin care soap, show proof of people skin before and after usage of your product.

Map out your market share and ensure you satisfy them
Having goodwill from your customers is a form of unpaid advert because a satisfied customer would refer friends and even enemies with joy to patronize your product without you even telling them to do so. Ensure your customer service is top notch and you do everything possible within the organisation to satisfy almost every of your customers and treat their complaint with utmost importance, this way they would refer you based on good quality of your product or good customer relations or whatever you are doing to satisfy them.
The trick about this is, the more customers you satisfy the more customer you get in return and more increase in sales.

Go digital and stay digital
Digital Digital Digital. This word is very important to any business whether small scale or large scale business. If your company is not digital then you are missing out on a large percentage of sales. The digital space helps you implement all of the above mentioned steps to achieve increase in sales. It gives you a wide range of platforms to get you customer testimonials and proof to you customers and potential ones and it also provide those same platform for customer relation and getting complaint in a swift manner.

A company must be digital and thee are different aspect of it from social media, email, SEO, Analytics and so on. The best practice is for you as an entrepreneur to be digitally inclined even if you are going to hire a professional, it speaks better of you to have a good knowledge of the digital space and makes you understand why you business is going digital.

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