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3 Online Business Tips To Keep Using While Staying Safe

As expected, businesses across the globe have made moves to capitalise on this digital boom. In the past few months, we’ve seen live entertainment go virtual and concerts from artists’ online space.

Growing your business in the midst of the pandemic is strategic but can be easily done with these creative ideas to get the wheels turning. These innovative solutions could impact your bottom line before the end of 2020:

Default to Video: In the age of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and live streaming, video is king. Businesses turned to online video options to make their plans a reality for conversations with customers.

Posting video online gives it a longer life and expands its potential audience. How can you connect with your customers digitally while still providing a fulfilling experience? Based on the type of market you are in, you could organize an online sales party or promotional videos that will show your products

Virtual conferences are all the rage. Musical artists are using Facebook and Instagram to stream live performances. Bookstores are selling tickets to virtual book talks and mailing hard copies of the books to customers.

•Offer Essentials Online: Despite the lockdown ease, consumers might not feel safe venturing out for business as usual amidst spiking case numbers. While your business might not be as suited to the web, consider what essential services you could provide online and through video services. Above all, make it a high priority to get your inventory and brand online.

Deliver On The Go: Simply allow customers to call ahead and place an order over the phone. Collect their payment information for easy pickup once they arrive. Take it further and designate an outdoor pickup box or basket that you can place orders in when customers are en route. 

Offering flexible delivery and pickup could be the difference between consumers shopping with you or your competitor.

There has never been a more lucrative time for eCommerce. You’re missing out on potential profits by not being present in the digital shopping space. If the movie industry can completely reimagine its business model and capitalize on online, you can, too. 


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