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3 Creative Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Every small business owner knows there is a need for actionable marketing and there are quite a number of creative marketing ideas you can employ today.

Why is marketing important? Marketing is as important as having skilled talents for your business.

The following are marketing ideas, you can adopt to keep your small business from being a statistic. Here are four ideas to get you started:

1. Become Social-Media Friendly:

Social media is an essential marketing asset for small businesses. Having a strong social presence for your small business can help you promote products and services, raise brand awareness, increase online visibility and provide your business with a platform for influencer marketing.

To capitalize on social media success, you need to identify your USP, target market, and know your consumer purchase behavior. This will guide you in creating content and campaigns on the mediums.

2. Launch a Video Marketing Campaign:

The age of video marketing is upon us. If you want to grow your small business in this day and age, video is the way to go. Consumers want visually engaging content. You can also make use of videos across multiple platforms. For example, you launch a new product video on YouTube. Now you can post that video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the product page of your website.

Video development is also fairly easy to do. Consumers don’t necessarily need high resolution and heavy budgeted videos. You can shoot a video with your smartphone and upload it in minutes. Always remember to optimize the video using a little YouTube SEO.

3. Make Email Marketing A Priority:

You probably have a nice list of subscribers and customer emails. Ensure you put it to use. A lot of small businesses simply fall behind because they ignore this. Email marketing and newsletter campaigns are essential for gaining brand awareness and visibility.

If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of emails, you can use a marketing automation platform like MailChimp to do email marketing. Start sending newsletters and promotional emails, but make sure every email or newsletter has a value or benefit for the recipients. Also, try to personalize them as much as possible.

The above are just a few easy ways to implement creative marketing ideas into your overall marketing strategy. In most cases, you can get started today with little or no investment.

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