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24 Inventions You Probably Did Not Know Were Made By Blacks

We now live in a world where most blacks have been brainwashed and have forgotten their history. We published this article to remind blacks of whom they were and to re-ignite the zeal for invention which was once the dominant urge.

Today, inferiority complex is the major challenge of most black people. And it is unfortunate that this has been taken advantage of. We hope that by reminding you or informing you of the great exploits of times past, we could heal the faculty of every wrong thinking black men and women.

It is flabbergasting to find out the desperation of some women. They go through unbelievable lengths to want to look like white women. You were made black for a reason and until you embrace the color of your skin, you won’t be emancipated from your self-imposed mental slavery.

Apparently, there is racism in the world. But despite this reality, no right thinking black man will feel inferior to another race or be allowed to be disrespected by another race. Before race, remember it’s human and there is but just one human race.

Now, we take you through 24 incredible inventions by blacks.


  1. Automatic Gear Shift

The automatic gear shift was invented by a black man named Richard Spikes in 1932.


  1. America’s First Clock

Benjamin Banneker – He was a farmer, mathematician, astronomer, land surveyor, and the subject of a Stevie Wonder song.

  1. Automatic Elevator Doors

Alexander Miles – We’ve all gotten the elevator door hug and we all owe this man.

  1. Blood Bank

Dr. Charles Drew – For his invention of a method of separating and storing plasma, allowing it to be dehydrated and banked for later use, Dr. Drew was the first black person awarded a doctorate at Columbia University.

  1. Clothes Dryer

George T. Sampson – Giving laundry baskets a greater sense of purpose since 1892.

  1. Dust Pan
dust pan invented by a black man

Lloyd P. Ray invented the dust pan.

  1. Electric Lamp

Lewis Latimer – He also invented the carbon filament inside light bulbs.

  1. Folding Chair

John Purdy – With patent partner James R. Sadgwar, Purdy made taking a chair with you purdy easy. Get it?

  1. Gas Heating Furnace

Alice H. Parker – Forever changing the way Americans stay warm in winter.

  1. Gas Mask

Garret Morgan – It all started when this guy rescued trapped miners wearing a hood to protect his eyes from smoke and had tubes leading to the floor to draw clean air.

  1. Golf Tee

Dr. George Grant – They say he was an avid golfer, but not a great one. Hopefully his patent improved his game.

  1. Home Security System

by Marie Van Brittan Brown

  1. Ice Cream Scooper

Alfred L. Cralle – He’s the reason why we love ice cream since 1897.

  1. Ironing Board

Sarah Boone – The reason we no longer iron across a piece of wood balanced on two chairs.

  1. Lawn Mower

John Albert Burr – The lawn mower’s best makeover ever brought better traction, rotary blades, and allowed cutting closer to buildings.

  1. Lawn Sprinkler

Joseph A. Smith – We should honor this man for helping with Father’s Day ideas every year.

  1. Mail Box

Phillip Downing – Before this invention, people had to make a long trip to the Post Office to mail a letter.

18. Modern Toilet

Thomas Elkins – He influenced several major patents, but it’s this one we appreciate most (not to knock the multi-purpose table or refrigerators for dead bodies).


Thomas W. Stewart – He’s kept us off our hands and knees since 1893.

20. Portable Pencil Sharpener

John Lee Love – A carpenter clever with names for his inventions, calling this one the ‘Love Sharpener.

21. Potato Chips

George Crum – I personally love this man for this invention. You can guess why..

22.Reversible Baby Stroller

William Richardson – He’s also the reason wheels move separately. We feel certain there are fewer crying babies in the world because of this man.

23. Super Soaker

Lonnie G. Johnson – Being a NASA engineer is impressive, but we love him for inventing the Super Soaker!

24   Traffic Light

Garrett Morgan – Three cheers for the red, green and yellow. Mostly for the green!

And if you didn’t know, now you know lovelies. Be proud to be black.

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