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21 Year Old Egyptian Student Wins Robot Creation Contest In Malaysia

Amazing innovations are being recorded each day as more platforms are emerging to support and nurture talented individuals.

Islam Mostafa Fahmy Hussein, a 21 year old engineering student at Banha university has just won the contest for mine detectors which was held in Malaysia.

The organisation, often dubbed ‘Mine sweepers’ are aimed at finding and removing hidden land mines without any threat to the environment and humans.

The goal of the competition however was to invent a robot that could detect mines and draw up a satellite map with their exact location, with the aim of facilitating protective measures and protecting those that live in the area.

The genius, out of 10 countries which participated in the contest, with three traveling from Egypt, was able to come out first.

The intelligent came second in the local contest held in his country after which he qualified for mine sweepers in Malaysia and was able to emerge winner after several corrections to his robot, all expense of which was funded by Bahan University.

He is to receive a monetary reward of $500 and reports have it that he has decided to sell his designs to several companies, making him one of the youngest innovators/entrepreneurs in the country. Well done Mustafa!

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