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15 Year Old Nigerian Boy Builds Toy Lamborghini 2021 Model Car With Mobile Seats

A 15-year-old Nigerian teenager, Ikechukwu Divine Oramife, has built a toy Lamborghini 2021 Model Car With Mobile Seats.

According to him, he has built many toy vehicles with local wastes like condemned DVD players. Showing off his works, Ikechukwu revealed that making a replica of the Lamborghini 2021 model took him more than a month.

The electric motor in the car is from a scrapped DVD player. The 15-year-old added that he spent one month and two weeks building the Lambo while the excavator was built in a month and two days.

The teenager said he will love to go to school and become an automobile engineer so he can improve his craft.

The country is blessed with amazing Human Resources and the story of 15-year-old Ikechukwu Divine Oramife shows that.

In a video interview with BBC News Pidgin, the boy showcased the toy cars he has made so far with local materials. He even built an excavator prototype.

He said he has been in the craft since when he was 11 years old. Ikechukwu said he has built things like a helicopter, aeroplane, and a tricycle (keke) among others.

He stated things like aluminum, dunlop, super glue and copper wire are some of his materials. To make the tyres, he glued pieces of dunlop to achieve that.

The teenager said that out of his creations, the Lamborghini was the hardest because it included the function of the seat coming out and going back in before the door closes.

He took five attempts to get the door to work before it finally worked. He created a pad that acts as a remote control for his toy, unlike other inventions.

He had to work five times on the door before it worked. Unlike other things he created, he built a special pad that acts like a remote control for the toy. Ikechechukwu revealed that his dream is to one day become an automobile engineer.

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